Kelly Clow

Executive Producer

Kelly is an accomplished actor and comedian with numerous stage, film and commercial credits. After leaving his home state of North Dakota, he studied at the Second City Chicago Training Center. As a stand up comedian, he has opened for such luminaries as Louie Anderson, Emo Phillips, Chris Fonseca and Weird Al Yankovic.


John was born in Birmingham, Alabama, temporarily lived in Richmond, Virginia and Lexington, Kentucky before settling in Tampa at the age of five. John studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and trained and performed with the sketch/improv troupe The Groundlings in Los Angeles. John is also an ambulatory sack of sometimes-useful information regarding his other interests: cartoons, comics, animation and Muppets. Thanks for still reading this

James Hollingsworth

Born in Dunedin Florida in 1991, James is a young improv comic who does costume character work in the Tampa Bay area. A member of Nine and Numb since 2015, James has also been featured in Max Play Live’s D&D live stream The Arena and The Island both of which he had no control over naming. An unaccomplished writer, James has written songs like Cloud City Sky "B" as well as some comedy sketches none of which were found to be appropriate enough to actually make according to everyone he’s gone to.

Angel Borths

Angel Borths, much like a stray puppy, has never before stayed in one place for more than 3 years. She has finally found her forever home in Tampa and with Nine and Numb. Angel is a career arts educator and magnet school guru by day and answers to "Mommy" at night. As often as her busy schedule allows, Angel performs with local community theatres/groups and teaches acting workshops for kids.

Eric Misener

Eric is a member of an ancient race of wise, sentient trees. Of course, we have no proof of this, but until he submits his bio for the website, you'll just have to believe us.

Sarah rowe

Sarah hails from the great nation of Canada where she spent her days as a professional log roller and maple syrup artist. Until she submits her bio, this will stand as fact.

Louisa Pastorius

The Notorious Pastorius, originally hailing from Upstate New York, now resides in Tampa, FL where she is a dog mom, very busy Arts Manager at an Arts Conservatory, and a struggling actor. She pretty much struggles to do many things. She is also well-known for telling so many jokes she became one! If you enjoy a really big smile and awkward delivery, get ready.


Dawn is a founding member of Nine and Numb and has been with the group since it's inception in the Spring of 2000. She currently serves as host and occasional performer for Nine and Numb's improv shows.


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